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Education and Training

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Atlanta Academy of Auctioneers, Inc.
Pre-license and continuing education auctioneer courses.

Auctioneering College of Canada
Certified auctioneer training. Features registration information.

Auctioneers Training Center
Canadian auctioneering training facility. Includes courses and credit information.

Brunswick School of Auctioneering
Basic auctioneering and voice oratory correspondence school based in Missouri.

Continental Auctioneer School
Auction training and instruction. Includes class locations and dates.

Nashville Auction School
Qualifying and continuing education courses for auctioneers in several countries. Includes history, enrollment and curriculum information.

The Walton School of Auctioneering
International seminars and permenent location in Ohio. Business, classroom and hands-on experience in auctions is provided.

Western Canadian School of Auctioneering
A class 'A' vocational school licensed by the province of Alberta to train auctioneers. Lists company profile, school dates, exercises and contact information.

Western College of Auctioneering
Montana based auction business and sales training. Includes overview and registration information.

World Wide College of Auctioneering, Inc.
Auction school based in Iowa. Includes instructor biographies and enrollment information.

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