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Repair and Service

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A-1 Illumination
Projector bulbs, metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium bulbs and staging lamps.

Atlanta Light Bulbs
Lighting supplier that specializes in hard to find bulbs. Located in Atlanta, GA.

Audio Video Service
Repair most brands of TV, projection, VCR, Hi- Fi and DVD equipment. Located in Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

AV Surplus
Providers of commercial and residential audio visual equipment parts.

Digital Audio Repair and Service
London, Ontario, Canada repair and sales of electronic equipment.

ECP Repairs and Services
Repair of camcorders, VCR, TV, projection TV, DVD, and computers. Dropoff points in Philadelphia, South Jersey, and North Delaware.

JVC Digital
Service and repair information for Hughes-JVC and JVC video projectors.

K and M Electronics
DVCPRO Panasonic authorized service center Industrial video equipment repair.

Broadcast and professional repair for Sony cameras and ENG decks. Located near Atlanta, GA.

Loudspeaker Services Ltd
Repair and sell professional loudspeakers, guitar, hi-fi and P.A speakers. Produce small batch and prototype voice coils.

RAL Sales
Repair and restore antique & vintage film projectors. Also supply films, bulbs and parts. Specialize in Ampro, B&H and Kodak products.

Reynolds Broadcast Engineering
Service and repairs on video and audio equipment from consumer to broadcast products.

Consumer electronics service and repair center. Offering non warranty service on most brands.

Studio Ace
Audio services, including removal of unwanted audio noise removed from audio and video tapes, CD mastering, and expert testimony.

TV Specialists, Inc.
Sales and service specializing in home theater. Founded in 1953, located in Salt Lake City.

Total Listings: 15     Add Your Listing

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