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Model Building

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Architectural Model Studios
Laser-cut architectural models, design models, litigation displays, and engineering models. A division of Zoyes East Inc.

Architectural Models
Makers of scale models for national and international clients. These models are used in sales, training aids, presentations, and displays.

Architectural Models Studio
Professional model studio making precise, detailed scale models. Gallery.

Architectural models built to scale. Structures for private commission and architects.

Atelier Dieter C?llen
German creator of cork models of ancient Greek and Roman architecture and classical ruins. Gallery, history, current exhibitions and projects.

Atom Modelmakers
Product prototyping and model making, architectural model making and presentations, computer visualisation, and anibod the moving video mannequin.

Big3D Productions
Design and fabrication of 3D sculpture, props, and signage for trade shows, window display, special events, exhibits and models.

BMA Model Shop
Architectural scale models, 3D topographic models, and construction models to spec.

Creative Design Models
Architectural models, retail outlet prop design, photography set construction and model building for advertising agencies.

Creator Models
Company founded by Joseph Yang, making architecture and landscape models in the US and China, with offices in San Francisco and Beijing. Examples, uses, costs.

Custom Modeling and Graphics Studio
High quality scale modeling and computer visualization. Laser cut precision. State of the art 3D design and animation. Commercial, institutional and residential projects. Interior, exterior, lighting design and shadow studies.

3D Print Shop
Offers the ability to present a three-dimensional scale model, that can be held in the hand instead of just viewed on a flat piece of paper or on a computer screen.

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