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Video and Film

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Theta Productions
Video production and post-production company with over 20 years experience in broadcast and corporate sectors.

The Johnson Group
Broadcast productions, film & video, and live events. McLean, Virginia

The Media Agency
Corporate video and feature film production. Full editing facilities.

The Media People
The Lehigh Valley's oldest, independent, full-service production company. Specializes in script to screen productions, film, videotape, betacam, and non-linear editing.

Through a Child's Eyes Productions
Film and photography that leaves a lasting, positive, thought provoking impression. Motion pictures and still photography that view the world through a child's eyes. Based in Ridgway, Colorado, with a crew that is highly skilled and experienced in remote environments and proficient in the arenas of mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, mountain biking, surfing, diving, kayaking and sailing. Has worked across North & South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Creates designed-based videos, launch and promotional sequences, infused with motion graphics and animation. Based in Singapore.

Trace Productions
Provides experienced, personalized service to a diverse client base, from broadcast and cable television networks to some of the largest names in corporate America. From single camera EFP/ENG crews to turnkey productions including scripting, producing and post production. Based in Dallas, Texas.

Tutto Buono
Video production company which provides creative writing and production services for video, print, and public relations. Specializes in the capture, editing and production of documentary films and television programming. Located in Clarke County, Virginia.

Based in Scotland. Produces drama, corporate, documentary, music promos, live concert, NLE training, web, content and wedding videos, from script to finshed product. Camera Ops, editors, sound, and lighting.

Memphis-based video and multimedia firm, producing video, CD-ROMs, DVDs, websites, e-learning, and print. Specializing in training, safety, HR, and marketing.

Upside Down Productions
Sydney based video and multimedia production house. Includes: Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Video, Microsoft Template and Macro Development. Output to print, DVD, CDROM and online media.

VA Productions
A multi-faceted, full-service production company committed to delivering the highest quality video and multimedia production services, meeting planning, and audio/visual support to businesses worldwide.

Van Dongen Audiovisual
TV/Video production, Broadcast facilities, camera crews, video editing, duplication, standards conversion, multimedia, and internet services. Based in the Netherlands.

Vanguard Productions
High quality video for broadcast, industry, conferences, education, and web. State-of-the-art post-production, including cutting edge graphics and animation.

Vermont Studio, Inc.
Video production company specializing in the automotive industry. Administration and post-production in a studio in Southern Vermont.

Total Listings:  139     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 >>

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