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Public Rooms

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    Greenhouse Videoconferencing Center
    Videoconference center in midtown New York City featuring Polycom multipoint systems.

    Houston VideoConference Center
    Public room videoconferencing in a comfortable friendly environment, located in Houston, TX.

    Video conferencing sales and services including room rental and bridging services.

    IVC Communications
    Videoconferencing equipment provider as well as a public room in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    Long Beach Video Conferencing Center
    Public video conferencing rooms for rent. Five rooms available, IP or ISDN with seating from 4 to 40.

    MeetingCom Pte Ltd
    Videoconference public room in Singapore.

    Michigan videoconferencing services, including public rooms, onsite events, training, support and repair.

    Midwest Video Co.
    A description of services offered including videoconferencing in Troy, MI.

    Milan Videoconference
    Videoconferencing rooms and systems in Milan, Italy, just in front of the Duomo Cathedral.

    Munn & Associates
    Videoconferencing services, hourly rental suites in Charlotte, NC. Offering multi-point, large group systems and satellite.

    NESS Communications Pte Ltd
    Singapore public videoconferencing facility in the heart of the city for up to 9000 people.

    NY Business Videoconferencing & Corporate Training Center
    Full-service videoconferencing and corporate training room rental services and facilities in New York, NY.

    Park Impex
    Video conferencing systems and public isdn videoconferencing in India.

    Pine Tree Legal Assistance
    Public videoconferencing facilities in Portland, Augusta, Lewiston, Bangor, Machias and Presque Isle Maine.

    Premiere Business Offices
    Business suites and video teleconfrencing services. Three locations in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    Total Listings:  45     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 >>

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