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2C International
Communicating Across Cultures - New concepts in training, consulting and coaching for managers, teams, professionals and companies involved in international business. Based in UK.

4C Corporate Culture Clash & Chemistry
Strategic advice for international corporations, helping to allign strategies with corporate culture. Expertise in international branding issues and improving effectiveness of multinational teams. Based in Holland.

AT Consult
Consultancy supporting small & medium sized companies in international business development, e.g. market selection & entry strategies, and managing intercultural challenges. Based in New York, Vienna & Singapore.

Bridging the Cultural Gap
From Communication Flow to Cash Flow: Working with executives struggling to build cooperation within their organisations and enhance communication across international boundaries - a holistic approach

Cultural & Management Consulting
CMC - Worldwide network of consultants and trainers. Helping international organizations bridge cultural differences or use them to strategic advantage. Intercultural management coaching. Based in Holland.

Cultural Savvy
Synergistic group of global specialists providing information, country reports, articles, tips, helpful links and resources about the Pacific Rim. Based in USA.

Culture Shock
Culture Shock! Consulting's holistic approach to cross-cultural training is based on goal of lowering anxiety level of international assignees and families by providing practical tools to deal with any new culture. Based in UK.

Culture Source
Bibliography of Intercultural Communication - in English and German. Extensive search resource on intercultural communications publications.

Delta Intercultural Academy
A knowledge and learning community for all those professionally interested or involved in intercultural business and management communication. Based in Germany.

Diplomats without Borders
Private and Business Diplomacy. A nongovernmental diplomacy organization committed to improving business and government relations, and cooperation, between rich and poor nations. Based in USA.

Intercultural expertise online. Intercultural training game that tests your intercultural knowledge and increases your cultural competence for living and working in a global environment. Based USA & France.

East Asia Business
Specialist crosscultural advisors on Japan, Korea and China: Training and consultancy services for international companies working across the East:West cultural frontier. Based in UK.

EMIC Intercultural Works
Cross-cultural training, marketing, integration & liaison services provided by professional anthropologists. ethnographic market research. Intercultural research. Based in UK.

European Journal for Intercultural Communication
The European Journal for Intercultural Communication is a peer reviewed journal for intercultural communication, education and training - from a European perspective.

Specialist organisation operating in the field of intercultural communications and relations, with a focus on understanding Europe. Based in Brussels.

Total Listings:  50     Add Your ListingPages: 1 2 3 4 >>

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