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Farnham Castle Intercultural Training
International business training programmes to prepare for international assignments. Includes intensive language training, intercultural skills development and specific country briefings.

Gateway to Internatinal Business
Understanding multi-cultural customers in order to help enterprises develop international business; with a unique approach integrating sales & marketing with cross-cultural expertise.

Global Excellence
Dedicated to assist organisations and individuals 'grow' their 'cultural capital' - the ability to grow successfully across cultures. London based.

Global Savvy
Professional cross-cultural consulting practice dedicated to making the technology world culturally-competent. Based in California.

Global Vision Strategies
Offering cross-cultural training, relocation, translation services and global management training for employees and executives on foreign assignments. Based in USA.

InterAct International
International management consultancy specialising in international cross-border communication and use of languages in Europe. Undertakes research on use of languages in business. Based in UK.

Intercultural Advice Guidelines
Result of unique on-line brainstorming session in year 2000 of short advice points for handling intercultural differences or issues; 350 interculturalists participated on-line, sharing ideas and solutions.

Intercultural Communication
International training & consulting firm assisting organizations crossing cultural borders, helping people of all cultures to enhance professional effectiveness & interpersonal competence. Based in Holland.

Intercultural Insights
A members-only (but open to public to view contributions)resource exchange and discussion group on intercultural and cross-cultural business, training, education, research and consulting topics.

Intercultural Management, Marketing & Communication
Research, Consulting and overall assistance in Intercultural Management, Marketing & Communication. Based in Belgium.

Intercultural Press
Main publisher of books and other resources about intercultural communication issues, with special emphasis on cross-cultural training. Based in USA, run by Nicholas Brieley Publishing in UK.

Intercultural Professionals Workshops
ICPW - European 'Train the Trainer' Workshops for practitioners and those developing a career as intercultural facilitators and trainers. Based in UK, workshops run in European cities.

Intercultural Systems
Cross-Cultural Consulting, training and executive coaching for global business, mainly Asia-US, based in Singapore.

Consultants for business culture and international management. Based on work of Professor Geert Hofstede. Central office in Holland, with world-wide franchises.

Japan Business Advisory Services Limited
Offers consulting and management training on cross-cultural business and marketing issues when dealing with Japan market or Japanese business people. Based in the UK.

Total Listings:  50     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 >>

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