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Provides international businesspeople as well as the leisure international traveler with the most up-to-date and useful cross-cultural information available. Based in USA.

LTS Intercultural Training
Leading European provider of business & professional language and intercultural training, including trainer training certification. Publisher of Language & Intercultural Training Journal (LIT). Based in UK.

Managing Across Cultures: Karani Lam & Associates
Assisting organizations enhance managerial effectiveness and culture-specific knowledge in international business ventures, including predeparture relocation training. Based in USA.

Meridian Resources
Profit from global knowledge - cross-cultural specialists: Leaders in global consulting, leadership development, executive coaching, training & web tools: GlobeSmart & Global Teams Online. Based in California.

Nipporica, Consultancy and Training
Weaving strength from differences: A cross-cultural communications firm dedicated to promoting opportunities from diversity of our global & multicultural society. Based USA, Japan focus.

Project IDEELS
Diverse group of educators & researchers from 5 tertiary institutions sharing a common interest: simulations & games to foster creativity & richness of cultural diversity and address challenges facing Europe.

Richard Lewis Communications
Provider of training & support in cross culture and language skills development. Based in UK.

Rudlin Consulting
Cross cultural communications training, market entry advice and implementation with a particular focus on information and communications technology in Japan. Based in UK.

Russian cross-cultural program
At cultural cross-roads - cultural aspects of corporate relations. Russian program for training managers with representatives of various cultures working for them and for personnel managers. Based in Russia.

European arm of SIETAR, representing a European-wide perspective. Various SIETAR groups hold NGO status at United Nations or are recognised by the Council of Europe. Within it many country specific groups.

SIETAR (International)
Society for Intercultural Education, Training And Research. Appling applications of values, knowledge and skills that promote beneficial intercultural relations at individual, organization and community levels.

Japanese arm of SIETAR, representing an Asian view. Its purpose is to foster intercultural communication & co-operation through intercultural education, training, information, exchange and research in Japan.

To Bridge Cultures
Helping clients understand cultural preferences, business practices and communication patterns of international customers or prospects with the goal of improving or expanding their international markets. Based in USA.

Training Management Corporation (TMC)
Consulting, training and coaching solutions to build cultural competence and global performance of teams and entire organizations through a blended learning approach. Based in USA.

Trans-Cultural Relations
Provides cross-cultural training, coaching, multinational team building, intercultural negotiation workshops, and expatriate support services in Switzerland and Germany. Based in Switzerland.

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