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Education and Training

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Speech Advantage
Provides corporate speech pathology services: foreign accent reduction, stuttering therapy, and treatment of a voice, articulation, or pronunciation disorder. Based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Speech Matters
Dale Klein helps her clients make a positive impression by teaching them to have a polished communication style. Some of the services offered include reducing foreign accents, voice modulation and articulation, as well as interviewing skills.

Speech Matters, LLC
Provides on-site, customized training (nationally). Specializing in pronunciation skills training, accent modification, voice and speech improvement. Individual or group training.

Speech Science
Learn to develop the full voice potential and enhance presentation and communication skills.

Stuart Atkins, Inc.
Provides programs to help teams and individuals work on communication skills.

Television & Radio Training Unit
Trains managing directors, chief executives, company directors, professionals and staff at all levels where media contact is likely to arise. Based in Loughborough, UK.

The Communications Coach
Corporate trainer, communications coach, motivational speaker, and seminar leader.

The Centre for Excellence in Communications
Located in Ottawa, offers professional development and training in communications, marketing, media relations, spokespersonship and writing; consulting services; and advice and counsel.

The Excellence in Speaking Institute
Communicating tools, video feedback, function in several roles: introducer, speaker, teacher, coach.

The Henderson Group
Provide communication skills that drive sales, team effectiveness and corporate initiatives.

The Kingstree Group
International consultants in spoken communications for training and preparing clients for presentations, meetings and media interviews.

The Powell Group
Offers communications counsel, including presentation and media training. -- Career Skills Online
Offers computer based communication courses including courses on writing memos and letters to improve business communications.

Provides communication skills training packages and courses for all types of industry and commerce. Including arrears collection, customer service and telephone skills.

Trusted Advisor Associates
The single greatest factor driving effective client relationships, including sales effectiveness, is the level of trust in the relationship. We teach the building of this trust.

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