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Education and Training

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TTP Communication and Training
Offers plain English training, editing and consultancy services to improve communicationw with customers and clients.
Media training for media access and presentation skills, speechwriting, newsletters, report and brochure writing, event management, media relations and crisis management. Located in London.

An international training company based in Texas specializing in public speaking, executive professional development, sales presentation techniques and international business etiquette.

Voice Dynamic
Voice training to improve the sound of your speaking voice, close more sales, overcome your fear of public speaking, and eliminate vocal abuse.

The Voice Institute
Providing Communication training including voice improvement, diction, accent reduction, stuttering, coaching for presentation skills/public speaking, phone use and social skills.

Word Power
Communication training for employees, by Marian York.

Write On Course
Provides onsite business writing seminars that help companies improve all their business communications. Located in New York.

Write On The Money
Business writing and communications that help Human Resources Professionals attract and retain the best employees.

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