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Agora Associates
Provider of consulting, training, problem resolution, retreat opportunities for non-profit, government and business clients. Overview of services, Ozark Mountain retreat seminars and contacts.

Anthony Robbins & Associates
Audio products, seminars, keynotes and training programs in the areas of sales, motivation, leadership, teamwork, and communication to enhance personal and organizational performance.

At Home With Success
Audio-tape series and workbook for business partnerships, recruiting, team building and leadership skills and network marketing.

Clive Gott
Motivational speaker, enter-trainer and author. Details of workshops, seminars, books, CD's and audio tapes for personal growth and goal setting.

Creating A Universe by David Simon, M.D.
'The world is moving too fast,' lamented the successful middle-aged stock broker. He was having trouble sleeping and getting a migraine headache almost daily.

Daphne Taylor
One to one coaching for personal development, goal setting, communication and leadership skills.

Discover Training
Motivational training and coaching services offering workshops to develop management skills, business skills, personal development skills and support staff skills.

Creating Whole Organization Synergy documents discoveries, publications and history of new developments in social science and psychology.

Ellen Hester, Motivational Speaker
Motivational speaker based in Monroe, GA uses character Florence Jean the Waitress to help present message of Undeniable Purpose.

Explore Training and Development Ltd
Motivational, business focussed Training and Development consultancy offering practical tailored programmes and flexible workshops for management development and performance.

George Hedley - Professional Business Speaker
George Hedley - professional business speaker providing business building programs for success.

Jan Brause
Fully qualified Coaching, 'Training and Development' and Consulting services employing various techniques including NLP, SDI and bespoke workshops.

Jim Donovan
Articles, free newsletter, books, speaker services for living the life of your dreams.

Jim Rohn Challenge
Online motivation and training center. Tele-classes and e-courses for personal development, goal setting, communication and leadership.

McK Consulting Inc.
Seminars, retreats and workshops in US and Canada to encourage leadership, team-building, motivation, relationships and personal development.

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