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    Jeannette Kubacki
    Corporate speaker with a specialty of handwriting analysis.

    Jim Carroll
    Keynote speaker, columnist and author helping people cope with a world of technological change.

    Jim Dale
    Training seminars to help make better managers, salespeople, provide better customer service or make your people feel good about themselves.

    Jim McCormick
    Motivational speaker and seminar leader on improving sales, organizational performance and personal growth through risk taking and overcoming fears.

    Jim Snack
    A professional speaker and trainer who helps people and organizations change with confidence.

    Joan Hartley
    Dynamic speaker and trainer for your private business seminars and keynote speeches. Site includes business resources for planning, strategy and etiquette.

    Jody Urquhart
    Professional speaker and writer, Jody Urquhart has been inspiring corporate audiences since 1998. Her monthly column on Creating Meaningful Work appears in over twenty five trade journals.

    Joe Rodriguez
    His site provides information on his business speaking topics: global cross-cultural issues, new product development and management.

    John Amatt
    Adventure speaker who climbed Mt. Everest.

    John Avianantos & Associates
    Providing professional speaking programs with emphasis on motivation, personal development, and inspiration for conventions, sales rallies, award dinners, and business meetings.

    John Bell
    A speaker to the healthcare profession. He specialises in behavioural science in relation patient motivation, non-attendance, and compliance.

    John Di Frances
    Addressing the strategic issues facing corporations, government agencies and non-profits today.

    John Evans
    Powerful and moving presentations, utilizing his ability to tell appropriate stories, with humor, metaphors and similes that enthrall audiences.

    John Fuhrman
    Programs to help people break through fears and turn rejection into direction.

    John J. Alquist
    Speaks on Internet websites from the business owner's view, motivation, marketing and Christian topics, particularly prophecy and scientific, historical and mathematical proofs of the Bible.

    Total Listings:  173     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 >>

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