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Diane Robb
Diane has a high energy, entertaining personality and a passionate message for dynamic keynote speaking and workshops.

Donna Fisher
Corporate and convention presentations.

Donna Steffey
Trainer, coach and consultant focused on improved employee motivation, performance and output.

Dr. Gerda Govine
Speaker and consultant on sexual harassment, discrimination, diversity and staff development.

Dr. Patrick Dixon
The futurist and Chairman of Global Change Ltd

Dr. Robby Gordon: The Monetary Stress Institute
Professional speaker, consultant, trainer and coach with a background in finance and economics, offers ways to increase profits in his seminars and keynote addresses.

Dr. Robert Pennington
An award winning professional speaker and organizational psychologist. His mission is to reduce the resistance to change and conflict in individuals and organizations.

Dr. Dov brings the wisdom of the East and applies it to the practicalities of the West. He speakes on Personal & Corparate Quantum field analysis for success.

Ed Barlow
A futurist who, through keynotes, think-tanks, and strategic planning sessions, enhances an understanding of the future and the influences which will affect his audience.

Ed Brodow
Keynotes and seminars on negotiating.

Ed Taylor
Keynotes and seminars on cost-effective Internet marketing strategies.

Edie Raether, CSP
Change strategist offering keynote presentations and seminars for women conferences, associations meetings and company meetings - topics include executive leadership, team empowerment, winning strategies for telephone sales.

Evelyn Clark
Keynote speakers and workshop and retreat facilitator.

The Faurote Group
Motivational speaker providing leadership development, executive growth and human capital consulting.

Gloria Dunn
Motivational speaker, seminar & workshop leader. Topics include: Coaching, consulting, counseling on work life, careers, management, change, stress.

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