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HartGregory Group
Keynotes and seminars on a variety of topics including Internet Technology, Network Security and Security Strategy.

Howard D. Putnam
Author, consultant, mentor and motivational speaker on leadership, customer service, change, ethics and strategic thinking.

Humor Resources
A comedy supplier to the business world for conferences, meetings, trade shows, and events.

Irene Levitt
Professional speaker, instructor and consultant on using handwriting analysis as an effective business tool.

Jack Pachuta
International professional speaker, trainer and consultant specializing in negotiations, communications, team building, change management and organizational culture.

Janet Hagberg
Janet is the author and speaker on 'Real Power' and other topics such as as creativity, personal power and career renewal.

Jerome Mayne
His talk, 'Fraud and Consequences' tells the story of the real life consequences of committing fraud in corporate America.

Jerry Conrad, CSP
Certified keynote speaker and accredited professional emcee, Jerry Conrad. Uses audience interaction, stories, and magic to inspire and entertain with simple, clear messages.

Jim Carroll
Speech topics.

Jim Kazalis
A survivor of 9/11 and the Vietnam War. Some topics are adversity, technology, diversity and patriotism.

Jim Richardson
Shows businesses how to use humor and drama to improve staff performance and rapidly move product over the Internet.

Jim Tunney Associates
Speaking on building winning teams, developing leadership skills and increasing personal productivity at corporate events worldwide.

JoAnna Carey!
Custom built, motivational self-improvement presentations designed for keynote addresses and corporate retreats, half or full day seminars.

John Hagel
The official site of strategist and speaker, featuring his consulting and speaking services, his writings, and his favorite links.

John Kinde's Humor Power
Professional speaker and humor specialist.

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