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John Koze
Seminar leader and speaker focused on building a healthy attitude for business management that supports teamwork.

John Renesch, Business Philospher and Futurist
Veteran business man and entrepreneur - turned futurist and business philosopher - John Renesch is internationally-known for his writings on progressive business. His speeches include 'Getting to the Better Future' and 'Conscious Leadership.'

Jordan Ayan
Speaker on innovation and technology; author of 'Aha! 10 Ways To Free Your Creative Spirit and Find Your Great Ideas.'

Judge Ken Reilly
Recognized environmental expert, provides RCRA seminars, consults, audits, and keynotes for business and industry.

Karen Susman
Karen Susman is a professional speaker who shows you creative strategies for assessing and effectively managing professional and personal challenges.

Kathy Glover Scott
Speaking and training services with a focus on teams, stress and women. Also includes details of books on Self-esteem and The Successful Woman.

Keith Lowry Seminars
Provides corporate on-site training and seminars on a wide variety of topics.

Ken Krusensterna: International Travel Security
Author of 'Terror in Mexico' offers entertaining and informative topics on survival under stress, corporate travel/security issues and kidnapping concerns.

Ken Lewis
Keynote and after dinner speaker on cultural change in business.

Kerry Larkan
This acclaimed author, speaker, trainer, master of ceremonies and consultant has become one of Australia's most respected results based sales and customer service trainer/speaker.

Kevin Bailey
Safety awareness programs for companies that want a different approach to safety. Motivational true survival story.

Larry Colbert: Driving Vision
Keynote speaker and seminar leader on dealing with change, diversity in the workplace, overcoming adversity, and setting goals with driving vision.

Lin Hart and Associates
Business motivational speaker and experienced executive coach. Motivational and informative keynotes on topics including leadership, change, teamwork and careers.

Lorraine Pirihi
Lorraine speaks on Productivity and office organization.

Lou Heckler
A motivational speaker, management trainer, and customer service consultant uses humor.

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