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Lou Kennedy
Bottom line behavior for everyday effectiveness specializing in corporate etiquette and business protocal.

Martin Lesperance
A keynote speaker with humorous presentations on the topic of safety in the workplace.

Marylyn B. Schwartz
Speaker and trainer in the fields of sales and team/management development.

Melissa Monson: Monson Communications
Financial presentations & delivery coaching for public and private companies

MetaComm International
Gala Gorman, guest speaker for presentations on inspiration, motivation, employee empowerment, and business success.

MHW Communications
Professional speaker Helen Wilkie specializes in business communication giving keynotes, conference sessions and in-house corporate training programs.

Michael Hick
Speaking on global business issues.

Michelle Ray- Walk About Seminars
Motivational speakers and seminar leaders focussing on presentation skills, self esteem, conflict and stress management, customer service, and sales training. Based in Australia and Canada.

Mimi Donaldson
Always hilariously funny, Mimi Donaldson tailors programs to thousands to improve communication. Co-author of the bestselling book, Negotiating for Dummies.

Money Magic, Inc.
Professional keynote speaker and TV personality, Mary Ann Campbell, CFP, presents money education seminars and programs using magic and comedy.

Nancy Friedman
Keynote speaker on customer service issues and telephone skills.

Neil Dempster
A speaker, author, and trainer - a master of motivation and inspiration! He provides keynotes, seminars, and training programs on management, leadership and sales.

Pamela Jett Aal
Teaching professionals communication tools and techniques. The site includes an 'ask the expert section'.

Pat Weber
is a speaker, trainer, teleclass leader and published author.

Patricia Fripp
Award-winning speaker and executive presentation skills coach for business seminars.

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