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Paul R. Pease
Focuses on motivation for change and customer service issues.

Paul Watkins
A consultant who specializes in motivational keynotes and workshops on marketing and business growth. Site offers a conference planning checklist, marketing articles, tips, etc.

Pete Luckett
Consultant and professional speaker, specializing in retail grocery, customer service, employee motivation, and merchandising.

Presentation Excellence
Providing keynotes, workshops, consulting and coaching on all aspects of winning presentations. Topics include focusing the message, negotiation skills and referral marketing.

Professional Training Dynamics
International trainers and motivational speakers for the who's who of the corporate.

Prorite Bob Mcgrath
A Speaker ,Trainer and Advisor helping small businesses.

Pufall Speakers
Reagan, Sally and Kevin Pufall provide speeches, consulting services, and workshops for business and personal success. Program topics include leadership, managing change, creative problem-solving, public speaking, workplace safety, and women's issues.

Randall L. Goodden
Keynote presentations and inhouse seminars on product liability prevention.

Randy Park
Keynotes and workshops on thinking more effectively. Also speaks on the topic of fiber optics communications.

Ray Strackbein
Professional speaker addressing the information age.

Richard G. Rappaport, M.D
Forensic psychiatrist providing court expert witness testimony services, a corporate consultant for Human Resources, and public speaker for lectures, seminars, and talk shows.

Rick Broadhead
Internet and E-commerce speaker.

Rob Sherman
Author of Sherman's 21 Laws of Speaking: How to Inspire Others to Action. Presention skills, negotiations, executive speech coaching. Special programs for attorneys.

Robert Brents
Works with organizations that want to focus resources on breakthrough objectives and with decision-makers who want to reach extraordinary goals.

Robert P. Miles
Shares inspirational insights into Berkshire Hathaway investment and management strategies and relates personal stories about Berkshire CEOs.

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