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Education Field

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AKT Speaking
Andy Tomko, a confessed recovering bully, offers talks on self improvement, leadership, and bullying.

Andrew Steed
Offers role play to empower people to step out of their comfort zones and find joy in their working and social lives.

Bob Heinonen's Texas Heroes
A troupe of historians and actors who tell the stories of Texas heroes and heroines in the first person.

Bob Mortimer Motivational School Talks
Bob Mortimer, a triple amputee, inspires audiences with his talks on how we can overcome life's real handicaps of attitude, low self-esteem, prejudice and substance abuse.

Christie Romero
Christie Romero is a jewelry historian and lectures for the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.

Dr. Quinton Quark's Slapstick Science
School science assembly programs to motivate the most science-phobic student to do science. Programs come with study guides.

Gail Dusa
A professional public speaker helping educators increase student motivation and build effective schools.

Histories for Kids
Offering historical portrayal and storytelling shows to for school assemblies, libraries, scout troops and family nights.

Michael J. Domitrz
Offers educational team building and leadership presentations for middle school, high school, and college students.

Patrick Reynolds
Anti-smoking grandson of tobacco magnate RJ Reynolds, gives assembly programs for grades 7-12. Also offers an anti-tobacco college lecture program.

Scott Ertl is a presenter who engages young students by using fun, creative and cooperative games. The presentations are aimed at increasing communication, trust, & team-building.

Richard Cohen
Provides workshops, keynotes, consultation and coaching to communities of parents, teachers and caregivers around the world.

School Shows
A US directory of school shows and school assembly programs. Searchable by state, province, name, category and topic.
Mike and Belinda Adams present American history as a living history presentation. Show choices, prices, and contact information.

Total Listings:  14     Add Your Listing

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