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Education and Training

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Teaches public speakers to how to use technology in their presentations.

The Humphrey Group, Inc.
Works with executives to ensure they are confident and inspiring speakers.

The Implementation Company
The Implementor is a tool for time and stress management. It can also be used very effectively for work delegation and planning.

The Leaders Course
Offers leadership training and public speaking training in major cities all over the US.

The Art of Persuasion
The Art of Persuasion video and workbook teaches you how to craft and deliver a winning sales presentation.

The Media Relations Group
Public relations specialists and media information consultants in television and broadcasting publicity, writing, video production and speech training.

The Newman Group
High-level executive presentation coaching and media training for analyst/IPO meetings, media/book tours, crisis communications, FDA product defense, press conferences and product launches.

The Presentation Advisor
Discover how to create and present great workshops using a proven master plan.

The Self Expression Center
Offers group classes, workshops and individual coaching in presentation skills, stage fright mastery and how to develop the presence of a leader.

The Tim Davis Network
Apply cognitive behavioral techniques used by stand-up comedians to coach entertainers, teachers, sales and business professionals.

The Speech Improvement Company Inc.
Providing speech consulting, group training and individualized coaching. Focusing on identifying speaker strengths, areas of need and strategies for improvement.

Ty Boyd Excellence in Speaking Institute
ESI is one of the foremost personal development experiences in America. Communication and presentation skills training for presenters, keynote deliverers and corporate executives. Enhancing positive self esteem.

The Voice Business
Presentation skills courses in public speaking and telephone skills.

Verbal Impact
Training people in public speaking and accent reduction. Based in Boston area, Massachusetts.

Voice Dynamics
Offers Internet-based voice and articulation classes for speech improvement.

Total Listings:  124     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >>

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