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Motivational School Assemblies
RYI Motivational Communications provide motivational school assemblies. They are aimed to encourage, inspire and motivate students.

Motivational Speaking and Training
Michael J. Herman is the author of the Motivational Minute. He provides inspirational and humorous speaking engagements.

Mr. Per
Confidence coach who is dedicated to zealously teaching knowledge that can be used every day.

Murray Goldsmith
Mixes hypnosis with talks on employee motivation in the workplace, stress management, and goal setting.

Neal Petersen
Speaks to audiences all over the globe about realizing goals and turning challenges into advantages.

Norm Bossio
Nationally renowned speaker.

NoShee Enterprises presents Noble Boyd
Programs include: Worker Safety Management Safety Safety Committee Training Customer Service Worker Management Team Building

Official Terry Evanshen Site
This is the true life story of one man's struggle to become himself again. A national football hero, who awakens from a coma to find he has lost forever all memory of his famous career and his close family and how he had the courage to overcome it all as he now motivates others.

Optimize Life Now.
Programs from Rhoberta Shaler- Motivator, Speaker, Coach, Author. Includes details of her radio program.

Partners in Renewal Inc.
Louise LeBrun and Roger Ellerton: Keynote and motivational speakers focusing on organizational and personal change.

Patrick Combs
Motivational success columns, inspirational stories and quotations from this author and speaker.

Patrick Reynolds
RJ Reynolds' anti-smoking grandson is a motivational speaker for university lecture programs. He holds anti-tobacco school assembly programs for grades 7-12.

Patrick Snow
Author, speaker and coach on the subject of creating your own destiny.

Patrick T. Grady
A motivational speaker for business presentations.

Patty Hendrickson
Certified speaking professional who works with organizations that want to grow leaders and with people who want more out of life.

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