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Gold Mine Development Company
Dr. John Stanko specializes in life purpose, leadership, destiny, goals, gold mine principles and management studies.

Gord Paynter
Gord Paynter presents customized speeches on 'leave 'em laffin' - a motivational show-lecture in which he inspires audiences to pursue goals and dreams despite the challenges they may encounter.

Gregory P. Smith-Lead Navigator
Inspirational speaker and author who shows people how to build motivational workplaces that lead to high productivity and high retention.

Hal Lefkowitz
His programs focus on maintaining a competitive edge, executive team building; hiring, retaining and motivating employees and increasing sales.

Heads Up with Rick Allen
Available for corporate and personal improvement seminars, keynote speaking, training, and consulting.

Jay Sterling is a professional speakerwho specializes in perception and visual communication.

Integrative Concepts
Taped live lectures, seminars, and workshops.

Isaiah McKinnon
Former Detroit Chief of Police provides thought provoking, often humorous, always inspiring, guidance to people of all ages through his motivational messages.

James Feldman
Motivational speaker on teamwork, customer service, employee motivation, selling skills, and managing change. Shift Happens.

Jason Milliren
Inspiring motivational speaker guiding participants through the use of the Harmony technology on a journey to a happier life. Works with all organizations to motivate their members.

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne E. Rogers is an educator, motivator, and inspirational speaker. Her passion for the future keeps her presentations filled with enthusiasm. Communicating is what living is all about and her motivation is: 'While you have life.'

Jeff Blackman
A speaker, business-growth specialist, author, consultant and success coach who speaks on success.

Jeff Conley
Author of 'Changeless Leadership for Changing Times' and 'Family Friendly Success' speaks to business audiences at annual conferences and conventions

Jeff Keller
Delivers keynote presentations and seminars aimed at building positive attitudes and increasing performance levels.

Jeff Thull
Motivational keynote speaker delivering programs on sales and marketing.

Total Listings:  216     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 >>

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