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Jeff Yalden Motivational Speaker
Aimed at at-risk youth, students in middle school through college with programs in drug, alcohol and violence prevention, through teacher and community groups.

Jeffrey J. Mayer
Presents programs on time management, goal setting, and setting priorities.

Jens Norgaard
Jens Norgaard offer seminars and presentations to business. He tailors them to each business he speaks with.

Jerry Posner: The Posner Group
Jerry Posner shares his message of motivational magic and strategies for personal growth and improved impact to businesses, organizations and individuals.

Jerry Traylor
Has run across America on crutches due to cerebral palsy. He has spoken to over 1 million individuals. Been recognized by Paul Harvey, President Reagan and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

Jesse James Seminars
He specializes in motivational keynotes and seminars, corporate sales training, leadership and communications seminars. Site contains an audio welcome.

Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll, FCA, is an internationally recognized author and speaker, noted for his ability to provide motivating, fascinating, humorous but insightful speeches that encourage people to cope with the rapid change in the world around us.

Joan Brock
Humorous motivational speaker and author who uses her life experience to teach, motivate, inspire, and encourage.

Joan Posivy
Achieve breakthrough results with international speaker and trainer Joan Posivy. Author of 'No Limit Confidence.'

Jocelyn Corville
Motivational speaker, trainer and executive coach helps business people increase productivity and improve business management skills and leadership effectiveness.

Joe Calloway
Motivational speaker. Helps companies build customer focused teams to compete and win in today's constantly changing marketplace.

Joe Girard
Salesman, author and speaker provides books, audio books and lectures for conventions, meetings and businesses worldwide.

Joe Sherren
Keynote speaker, employee development seminar leader and leadership skills presenter.

Joel Weldon
For over 25 years Joel Weldon has been the sought-after idea consultant by many of the world's leading organizations and businesses. Joel is known worldwide for his innovative approach to customizing every presentation specific audience.

Joni Daniels
Author, presenter, and management trainer Joni Daniels provides practical strategies for increasing your effectiveness and tapping into your potential for power in all domains of your life

Total Listings:  216     Add Your ListingPages: << 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 >>

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