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Amy Dmyterko
Women's Christian speaker for seminar, retreat, conference, etc. events as a guest keynote speaker.

Debra and Dannie Dalton
Christian motivational speakers for gatherings, keynote speeches, graduation ceremonies or corporate conferences.

Dennis and Ruth Gibson
Share vivid stories from their personal and professional experiences that illustrate biblical principles of good human relations.

Hungry Christian Ministries
Dr. Gaultney is the founder of Hungry Christian Ministries, an educational ministry formed to increase spiritual nutrition awareness among Christians.

Kathy Hilliard
Her ministry is in keeping with and emphasizes the scriptural principle of Titus 2:3-5, the reality and practicality of the Christian life and the importance and authority of the local church.

Paula Friedrichsen
Is a Christian speaker and newspaper columnist who motivates people to seek Christ and know Him in a deeper and more intimate way.

Streetlevel Consulting
Rev. Susan Brandt is a well known and dynamic motivational and educational speaker on homeless and poverty issues

The Christian Speaker Service
A Booking Service for Christian Speakers

Total Listings:  8     Add Your Listing

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