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    Svetlana Spaic
    Conference interpreting in Serbo-Croat, French and English.

    SWI Service
    Interpreting in most major languages. Company based in United States with office in France.

    Talk Technologies
    Translation system enabling you to communicate in multiple languages simultaneously.

    Taniwaki & Associates
    Consecutive interpretation, translation and research services in Japanese and English.

    Target Linguistics Services
    Interpreting, translation, and language training. Company based in Houston, Texas, United States.

    Tegnologies Translation Group
    Document translation, conference interpretation, localisation and terminology management in Turkish, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. Co-operative of interpreters based in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Telephone interpreting and translation in 150 languages. Based in Glendale, California, USA.

    Telephone-based interpretation service in over 150 languages. Interpreter employment opportunities and customer information. Based in Portland, Oregon.

    Telephone translation system
    Translation over the phone in English and Ukrainian, using 3-way conference calls.

    Telephonic Interpreters
    Telephone interpreting in more than 150 languages.

    TIICO-Translating Interpreting
    Interpreting in Spanish. Company based in Fort Myers, FL, United States.

    TransPerfect Translations
    International multilingual translation and interpreting services.

    Trombley Takenaka
    Interpreting and language teaching in Japanese and English.

    Interpreting and translation in Romanian, Russian, Italian and French.

    Universal Translation & Staffing
    Interpretation, translation and employment services in over 50 different languages including American sign language. Company based in Wisconsin, United States.

    U.S Translation Company
    Interpretation, based in the USA.

    Uta G Barth
    Conference interpreting, translation and voice overs in English and German. Freelancer based in Germany.

    Vienna Interpreting and Translation Agency
    Interpreting for international conferences in Europe, and written translations in all major languages.

    Virtual Oyster
    Translation and interpreting, web design and content management.

    3 Way Phone Interpreting
    Interpreting over the phone in English<>Russian. Company based in the United States.

    Total Listings:  167     Add Your ListingPages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >>

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