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    Jacqueline Recker
    Interpreting in Europe, in more than six languages.

    JADE Communications
    Interpreting, translation and proofreading in Japanese<>English. Company based in Japan.

    Janet Heard-Carnot
    Interpreting and translation in French and English. Sworn freelance translator in the Court of Appeal of Rennes. Based in France.

    Technical translation and interpreting in Japanese and English.

    Japanese Business Interpreter
    Interpreter based in Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan, United States.

    Javier Herrera
    Interpreting and translation from English and French into Spanish. Freelancer based in London, United Kingdom.

    Jean-Pierre Steck
    Conference interpreter available for services in French, English and Italian, worldwide.

    Jos? Luis Villanueva Senchuk
    Conference and liaison interpreting and translation in English and Spanish.

    JRB UK
    [Flash needed] Interpreting, translation, cultural consulting and language training in English and Spanish. Freelancer J Riquelme-Beneyto, based in the United Kingdom.

    Kathi Stock
    Certified translation and interpreting in English<>German. Freelancer based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, United States.

    Kokusai Interpreting
    Interpreting, translation, tour guides and telephone answering in over 190 languages. Multilingual site.

    Korea Interpreter Center
    Interpreting and translation in Korea.

    Translation and interpreting in Japan.

    LangServe Australia
    Interpreting and translation for government agencies, medical and legal professionals, corporations and individuals.

    Language Associates of Oklahoma City
    Interpreting and translation in Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese and other languages, in their state.

    The Language Exchange
    Conference and escourt interpreting, language teaching and translation, in banking, law, and medicine fields. Based in Burlington, Washington, USA.

    Language Line
    Interpreting and translation specifically geared towards language-impeded situations in the public and commercial sectors of the United Kingdom. Company based in London, United Kingdom.

    Language Link
    Telephone and on-site interpreting in 141 languages. Training in cultural competency and interpreting. Company based in Las Vegas, United States.

    Language Marketplace
    Interpreting and translation in over 146 languages in the medical, legal, business and web fields.

    Language Professionals Australia
    Conference, delegation and community interpreting based in Sydney, Australia.

    Total Listings:  167     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >>

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