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    Lee & Associates
    Korean Interpreter. Business trip to Korea, court translator, onsite translation in Seoul, stand-by language specialist for cultural barrier.

    Legal Interpreter and Translator
    Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, translation of documents and web sites from/into Spanish and English.

    Lexington SC e-Community
    French tutoring, and translation and interpreting in French<>English. Based in the United States.

    Translation and foreign language interpreting in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Company based in Russia.

    LLE Incorporated
    Telephonic interpretation, face-to-face interpretation, translation, instruction and assessments.

    Marcos Alonso
    Conference interpreting worldwide. Freelance outsourcing company based in Paris, France.

    Maria Eugenia Farr?
    Conference interpreting in English and Portuguese, based in S?o Paulo, Brazil.

    Maria-Luise Lehmann
    Conference interpreting in German, English and Russian.

    Marla Sanchez-Pietton
    Conference and legal interpreting based in Washington, DC, United States, in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

    Marten Sprachdienst
    Intepreting, translation and conference equipment. Company by Melanie Marten, based in Duisburg, Germany.

    Media Movers
    Interpretation, dubbing, subtitling and DTP in Eurasian languages.

    Media Vision USA
    Simultaneous interpreting, conferencing, electronic voting, and transmission technology solutions. Company based in the United States.

    The Minnesota Language Connection.
    Translation, interpreting and consulting in Spanish. Based in Minnesota, United States.

    Minoo Razban
    Interpreting, translation, transcription, proofreading and editing in Farsi<>Dari<>English<>Farsi. Freelancer based in the United Kingdom.

    MIR Associates
    Interpreting and translation. Company based in Burlington, Massachusetts, United States.

    Miroslava Bartkov?
    Interpreting, translation and consulting in English and Slovak. Based in Slovakia.

    Moscow Interpreter
    Interpreting in Russian, English, German and other languages.

    The Multi-Lingual Group
    Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in the medical, legal and technical field, cross-cultural consulting and conference planning. Based in the United States.

    The National Interpreting Service
    Provides telephone interpreting in over 140 languages. Located in London, UK.

    Interpreting and translation in Spanish<>English. Company based in Sydney, Australia. Site in English and Spanish.

    Total Listings:  167     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >>

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