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    Australian Interpreting Service
    Interpreting and translation in the field of international trade.

    PDX Interpreting
    Certified court interpreting and translation in Spanish and English for legal proceedings, depositions, conferences, and immigration. Located in Portland, Salem, Vancouver, Canada.

    Polish Translator
    Interpreting for visitors to Poland in over 40 languages. Company located in Poland.

    Pratsinis - Zisimou
    [Flash needed] Conference interpreting in Greece, in all EU languages, Balkan languages, and Arabic, Czech, Russian and Hungarian.

    Premier Consulting Services
    Provides services in Spanish, Italian, French and English. Phone interpretation and translation also available, specializing in medical fields.

    Private Interpreter
    [Flash needed] Interpreting in China.

    Pro Re Nata
    Interpreting. Company based in Oceanside, CA, United States. Site in Spanish and English.

    Propio Spanish Services
    Interpreting in Spanish and English, as well as language training, translation and web site translation.

    Rick Zingale
    Conference interpreting in English and Spanish, based in Barcelona, Spain.

    Romanian Reports
    Interpreting, translation and expert reporting on human rights issues.

    Ruben Inion
    Interpreting and translation in German, Spanish and Dutch. Based in Vienna, Austria.

    The Russian Connection Unlimited Equipment
    Simultaneous interpreting equipment for sale or rent. Company based in the United States.

    Russian Document Services
    Interpreting and translation of immigration, legal and travel related documents in English<>Russian. Company based in Las Vegas, United States. Site in English and Russian.

    Sally Low & Associates
    Court certified interpreting and translation. Company based in Santa Ana, United States.

    Say It
    [Flash needed] Translation and interpreting for California, United States.

    SB Vision International
    [Flash needed] Translation in English, French and German. Company based in Cincinnati, United States.

    Shaolin Translation
    Translation and interpreting, as well as travel and exhibition assistance. Company based in China.

    Shaolin Translation
    Translation and interpretation in English, Italian, French and Chinese. Site in all four languages. Company based in China.

    Sign Lingual
    Interpreter booking agency based in Swindon, United Kingdom.

    Silvia Bonomi Interpreting Services
    Interpreting in German, Spanish, English and Italian.

    Total Listings:  167     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >>

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