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Single Language

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  • Russian and Ukrainian

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    Albanian Translations
    Translation from English into Albanian. Company based in the United Kingdom.

    Anila Mayhew
    Translation and interpreting in Albanian and English.

    Art Traduct Vertalingen
    Translation in French and Dutch.

    Bengali Translation Services
    Translation in English and Bengali. Agency based in the United States

    BOSLang - Bosnian Translation Services
    Translation from English to Bosnian.

    Translation, interpreting and consultation in Chinese and Italian.

    Cosmo Translations
    Translation in Albanian and Greek. Company based in the United Kingdom.

    Delta Traductions
    Translation between French and German.

    Deutsch Trans
    Translations and interpreting in Russian and German.

    Dewson Language Workshop
    Translation, editing, proofreading and precis-writing in English and Afrikaans. Freelancer based in Roodepoort, South Africa.

    Frank Fisl
    Translation and language services in Czech and Slovak.

    24 Hour Translations
    Translation from English to Latin.

    Translation, interpreting and localisation in Ukrainian and English, in the business, arts, legal, and technology fields. Co-operative based in Boston, United States and Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

    Technical translation and interpreting in German and Japanese.

    Ken Owen
    Translation from English to Welsh, approved by the Welsh Language Board, based in the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, United Kingdom.

    Moreno Giovannoni
    Translation in Italian and French.

    Oxford Latin
    Translation (into English), identification and verification of Latin texts from the Classical and medieval periods.

    Translation from German into Polish. Freelancer Wieslaw Jarmulowicz based in Poland.

    Target Language Traducciones
    Translation in Castellano and English.

    Technical Translations
    Technical translation between German and Russian.

    Total Listings:  21     Add Your ListingPages: 1 2 >>

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