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English and French

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Amaryllys Translations
Translation from English to French, based in Michigan, USA.

Anderson Languages
Small company offering French to English translation and localisation services. Based in Vanxains, France.

Anglo Express Translations
Translation from French to English for the trade industry only.

Anglo French Consulting
Translation and business planning in French and English.

The Anglo-French Agency
Translation in English and French and assistance with buying property and services abroad.

Anne LeMaire
Translates medical and dental text between English and French.

Anne Pietrasik
Freelance medical translator and interpreter living in France. UK qualified registered General Nurse, French qualified Psychomotor Therapist.

Annick Bouchet
Translation in English and French. Based in Australia.

Ask Tom
Translation service based in Roujan, France.

Automotive Translation Services
Translates documents and cd-roms describing mechanical and electronic systems - from English to French.

Bahnas French
Translation in English and French, in tax related fields. Based in Isle of Man.

French to English translation of IT-related content.

Translation in French<>English of correspondence.

Bilingual Business Services
Provides professional translations between English and French. Other services include r?sum? creation, proofreading/editing and word processing in both languages. Based in Ontario, Canada.

Brett Baylot Jones
Translation in English and French.

E-French Translation
Translation from English to French for writers, scriptwriters and literary works.

English to French translation in the fields of IT, wine and food, and Business.

Translation in French and English, in IT, legal and commercial fields. Site also in French.

Elizabeth Turner-Guill
Translation from French to English.

Emmanuelle Rivi?re
Translation in English and French. Bilingual site.

Total Listings:  122     Add Your ListingPages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 >>

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