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English and Korean

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Choi Yu Mi
Translator and conference interpreting in English and Korean.

The English Master
Translation, proofreading and a translation club in English and Korean.

Gene Oh
Translation from English to Korean.

Grapevine Translations
Grapevine Translations offers accurate, prompt, and culturally sensitive Korean-English translation services.

Korean Consulting and Translation Service
Korean translation and business consulting services.

Korean Language Services
Translation and interpretation services between Korean and English for technical and general areas.

Korean Translation Net
Provides Korean translation and Korean typesetting for businesses of all sizes.

Translation in Korean>English of patents, litigation, scientific journal submissions, product catalogues, promotional materials, and news articles. Various articles about Korea.

Kye-Young Kwon Translations
English to Korean translations.

Lovetree Systems
Professional Korean translation and localization services since 1995.

1-Stop Translation
Translation Agency specialized in Korean language. Located in Seoul, Korea.

Translation Network
Translation in Korean and English.

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