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English and Malay

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Malay-English Translation Services
Translation in Malay and English. Payment accepted in three currencies.

Mohd Isa
Translation, localisation and editorial solutions in English and Malay.

Muhammad Razin Ong Abdullah
Translation of computer related texts in English and Malay. Freelancer based in Malaysia.

Nasima Sarwar
Translation, proofreading, editing and subtitling in Malay and English.

Nath Biz
Translation, editing, proofreading, interpreting, narrating, word processing and DTP in English and Indonesian.

PSB Translation Services
Translation in Indonesian and English.

Ramona Ali
Translation, editing and proofreading of technical, creative and general text in Malay and English.

Human and machine translation in English<>Indonesian. Free machine translator available on-line.

Translation in English and Malay. Company based in the United States.

Atmosumarto Sutanto
Translations in Malay and English.

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