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English and Portuguese

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Accurate English into Portuguese Translations
Translation from English to Brazilian Portuguese. Based in the United States.

Ana Mafalda Costa
Translation between English and Portuguese.

Brazilian Portuguese Specialists
Translation in English and Brazilian Portuguese, based in San Francisco.

Certified translation, live interpreting and training in English and Portuguese. Company based in Michigan, United States.

Claudia da Matta
Translation and localisation in English>Portuguese. Freelancer based in the United States.

360 Degrees 360 Graus
Translation in English and Portuguese.

Translation in Brazilian Portuguese and English.

Green Crescent Translations
Translation in Brazillian Portuguese and English. Co-operative based in Brazil.

Isabel Monteiro - Translator
Translation in English and European Portuguese.

Isabel Ruivo
Translation of poetry, lyrics and literature from Portuguese to English. Curriculum vitae.

ITP Traducoes
Translation in Portuguese and English.

Jo?o Maria de Abreu
Translation from English into Portuguese by mechanical engineer.

Jo?o Roque Dias
Technical translation in English and Portuguese.

Johnny Bombasar
Technical translation in Portuguese and English in the electronics, software, automation and business fiels. Freelancer based in Brazil.

Jose Antonio V. Azevedo
Translation in English and Portuguese.

Jose Ruivo
Technical translation from English to Portuguese.

Julia Berkenstat
Translation in English and Portuguese.

L?cia M. Singer
Translation, editing, proofreading and consulting from English to Brazilian Portuguese, in the biology field.

Marcos K Pessanha
Translation and certified interpreting in English and Brazilian Portuguese. Freelancer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Maria Eugenia Farre
Translation, localisation and interpreting for Fortune 500 companies, English into Portuguese.

Total Listings:  29     Add Your ListingPages: 1 2 >>

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