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The Miller Institute
An organization that helps schools and businesses use technology effectively for learning.

ProEducation Solutions, L.C.C.
Educational consultant and brokerage firm specializing in institutional strategic enrollment and revenue management. The company is composed of seven executive educational consultants located in major metropolitan locations across the U.S.

Ranger Solutions
Provides back office management systems to educational insitutions.

Research for Better Schools
A private, non-profit research and development firm that focuses on education in the Mid-Atlantic states. Provides a gateway to select materials designed to improve K-12 education.

Results Through Alignment
Provides assessment and evaluation of standards, curriculum, instruction in bilingual education.

School Improvement Group
Provides financial and management consulting services to schools.

Shift Media Limited
Develop business strategy and delivery of education and content for educational institutions, corporations, the public sector, and publishers. Services, past work, and contact information. UK company.

Statistical Forecasting Inc.
An educational consulting firm providing services in program evaluation, enrollment projections for public schools, and workshops on assessment issues.

Statistics Solutions
A consulting services company which provides graduate students, community agencies, and marketing companies with expertise in research methods and designs, implementation, statistics and report writing.

Stephan L. Jackson and Associates
Manages professional language consulting and test scoring services for a broad range of academic organizations.

Symac Consulting
Specializes in web based applications for colleges and universities.

Systemic Research
Provides educational information management, with a special focus on large-scale long term program evaluation and assessment.

Tamanawit Unltd.
International consulting firm specializing in multiculturalism, bilingual education, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse awareness, prevention and treatment, cross-cultural communication and transcultural issues of mental health.

VizTech Consulting
Provides IT design and development consultancy services to schools and universities.

Yardley Research Group
Strategic consulting firm for colleges and universities, focused on research and strategic branding services.

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