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Creative Referrals

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Directory of freelance copywriters' resumes organized by industry category expertise or media genre.

Creative Freelancers
Directory of, and jobs for freelance writers, designers, web design and developers, illustrators, photographers, creatives of all types.

Creative Moonlighter
Matches potential employers with moonlighting freelancers for web design, copywriting, advertising, graphic design, and writing projects.

Freelance Writers
UK marketplace for freelance writers and project providers.

Small listing of freelancers seeking clients and clients seeking freelancers.

Provider of graphic designers and illustrators for contract or temporary hire.
Database of freelancers looking for work, and employers' job postings for freelance gigs.

UK marketplace for project providers and freelance proofreaders, copy editors, and document producers.

New Media Freelancers - UK
A contact database for freelancers and contractors working in the UK New Media industry.
Searchable directory of creative professionals. Includes portfolios and detailed work profiles of: Photographers, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Industrial Designers, Animators, Interactive Designers, Art Directors, and Copywriters.

Online portfolio building and hosting for creative professionals in the visual arts and design trades.
Online diary service and searchable directory of creative UK freelancers.

UK freelancers CV's in advertising, public relations, marketing, media, design, and sales promotion.
Marketplace for creative talent.
A network of creative South Africans from every creative design, advertising or marketing category servicing clients worldwide.

Matches UK business needs with freelance consultants' skills, principally in the areas of marketing and advertising.

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