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IT Referrals

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Offers free ads to freelance programmers and customers looking for programming on this site.

Adveres Freelance Network
Offers free posting of freelance web projects and search for web professionals by skills needed.

Computer Assistant
View skills and rates of local of computer support technicians. Computer repair and computer service to match your request. Located by US Zip Code.

Computer Worker
Offers posting and search for computer jobs or worker skills.
Provides marketing support, job opportunities, and back-office support for IT professionals.

Contractors Online
Unites UK IT contractors with clients.

IT Match Online
Offers outsource project leads and IT vendors to IT service providers in India.

IT Moonlighter
Connects information technology and technical industries with contract and freelance employees.
B2B marketplace where businesses can find outsourcing IT professionals by auction. UK based.
A referral service for IT instructors.

offers posting of IT projects where developers can bid on these projects.

Outsourcing to India
answers frequently asked questions about outsourcing software development to India.

Programming Bids
Post and bid on programming projects. Fees are based on the winning bid amount.

Rent A Geek
Directory of independent computer consultants. Consultant Referrals
Free referral resource for developers and using Microsoft internet solutions.

Site Expert Referral Service
Find independent companies that offer on site computer support, maintenance and training.
Matches IT contractors in Asia with projects.

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