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Talent Auctions

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Employers post projects. Free agents bid on the projects.
Enables CGI freelance programmers to bid for CGI development projects posted by buyers.
IT contractor marketplace, where employers and freelancers contract with each other using an auction format.
Auction marketplace for graphic designers and project providers. Buyers can post projects and freelance graphic designers bid on the projects.

Freelance Auction
Online auction marketplace for outsourcing custom programming work, web site design and graphic design services, where freelancers bid on job requests.

Freelance Web Programming
Marketplace to find freelance web programmers, script programmers, and graphic designers.
Offers project managers the ability to post projects online and service providers the ability to bid on them.

A marketplace for services. Project managers post a project for bidding. Freelancers bid on current open projects.

Offers online price quotes from attorneys, doctors, and financial professionals, so consumers can select the most favorable bid.

naSnap Freelance Marketplace
Provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers of services.
Find projects and jobs to bid on. Post projects or jobs is free. People connected to projects.

Programming bids
Enables freelance programmers to bid for software development projects posted by buyers.

ProjectSpring Freelance Computer Programmers
Online auction for custom software outsourcing, web design, and graphic design. Connects computer programmers, work at home freelancers with programming projects, part-time IT work, and telecommuting jobs.

Auction site for custom software outsourcing, web design, and graphic design. Webmasters post projects. Freelancers bid on the projects.

Select a Designer
Online auction marketplace where project providers and professional graphic designers connect.
Auction marketplace for animation designers, programers and project providers. Project provider can post projects and freelance bid on the projects. Freelance
Offers work exchange for designers, programmers, writers and artists.

Worldwide project marketplace. Most projects are in German.
Auction site where companies, consultants, telecommuters, and self-employed people can bid for outsourced projects, work, employment. Employers call for RFQs, RFPs and also lookup Services Directory.

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