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Strategic analytical consulting and knowledge management company focused on the pharmaceutical industry.

BioChemInsights, Inc.
Works with life science businesses to help clients expand their knowledge capital.

BioInfoGen, Inc.
Consulting services for the biotechnology, genomics and pharmaceutical spaces. Full service consulting in LIMS, bioinformatics, infrastructure, database and project management.

Biomatic Consulting, Inc.
Offering chemical and pharmaceutical companies a combination of biotechnology, computer, scientific, and web-design skills.

BioObjects, Inc
Specializes in the delivery of business systems for life science companies. Expertise includes eprocurement, SCM, CRM.

Campbell Alliance
A management consulting company providing services to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

CEBTech Services
Consulting services in fermentation technology, cell culture, bioprocess control, laboratory design, pilot plant design, bioreactor modification, biosensor development, and down stream processing.

Day-to-Eyes BV
Intelligent case report form (intelligent-CRF) is a new electronic data capturing system with interpretation software for clinical research-from Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

Dyad Systems, LLC
A Cambridge-based, life sciences consulting company providing professional services focused on clinical trial data management and R&D data integration solutions.

Enslein Research, Inc.
Develops computational metabolism and toxicity prediction models using advanced QSAR methodologies with extensive metabolism and toxicity databases.

EP Limited
Researches novel diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Also offer a range of consulting services in the fields of biomedical signal processing, design and implementation of digital and analog systems.

Foresight Consulting LLC
Advanced, unique, customized, medical imaging solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device clinical development.

IMS Health
Offers information solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Integrative BioInformatics
Leveraging technology to bridge cell biology and genomics by providing computational biology and database technology software and consulting services for modeling complex biological problems faced by scientists in public and private research institutes, biotechnology companies, and universities.

L. Hepner & Associates
Fermentation consultants for biotechnology and nutraceutical companies.

OnSphere Corporation
eBusiness services with an emphasis on developing FDA compliant solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

3rd Millennium, Inc.
Bioinformatics consulting for pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic clients to design and develop R&D software solutions-from Cambridge, MA.

Silico Research
Information technology analysis, consultancy and research for the life sciences

Tribiosys, Inc.
Bioinformatics and related R&D informatics solutions to improve decision-making in drug discovery and development by the biopharmaceutical industry.

Validation Commerce LLC
Providing Validation, Protocols, and Compliance solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech world.

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