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Research Services

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Bogong Consultants
Support and resources for small business and individuals either free or at affordable rates upon ANY subject that requires creative or oblique thinking. A different and original contributor to research or development efforts.

Boston Research & Communications, Inc.
A qualitative research and analysis firm specializing in business, market, industry, competitive, issues, public relations and policy research and analysis.

A research led consultancy specializing in researching business to business and complex service markets for world class clients.

Burkhardt Research Services
Providing independent services that range from basic information gathering to complete competitive intelligence. Offices in Burnaby, BC and Blaine, WA.

Burton Group
Research, consulting, and advisory services for computer security and networks.

Provides business research and intelligence support to large companies.

Business Architecture Group, Inc.
Business intelligence service provider offers data warehouse consulting services, large scale systems integration, data mining, and related services.

Business Information Research Services (BIRS)
Business data base and research firm and publishers of off-the-shelf industry studies.

Business Plan Research
Specialty research service locating the necessary data content when writing business plans to get venture capital, such as: financing sources, market data, planning tips, competition,and resources.

C: Search
Research consultancy specializing in competitive intelligence and communications.

Capture Inc.
Provides executive-level information management resources and services to professional organizations, with focus on financial service companies and management firms.

China Business Information Consulting
Business information on China prepared in English, including market research reports, customs statistics, tariffs, databases, and publications.

Ciliberti and Associates
Provides marketing, research, public relations, advertising, product positioning and branding, as well as many other services. Based in Portland, Oregon.

Competitive Intelligence Resource Index
Competitive Intelligence (CI) search engine and directory of CI resources on the Web.

Demystifies statistics and research with a library of articles which explain statistical and research principles in plain English. An independent consultant performing statistical analysis and research for 25 years.

Total Listings:  102     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 >>

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