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Research Services

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Kennedy Information, LLC
A leading information provider on executive search and management consulting. Directories, research reports and other sources can be ordered online.

Klaus Pildal Management
A management consulting company that assists the European flexible packaging industry as well as the European PCB industry and related businesses.

Klein Associates Inc.
Specializes in the interaction between technology and people. Services include user interface design, decision support systems, cyber threat analyses; and computer-based training.

Full complement of business intelligence and market research services for e-business and land-based companies to help maintain their competitive advantage.

Mail Survey Company
Expert design, fielding, tabulation and interpretation of self-administered surveys among consumers, executives, association members, students, employees, professionals and other audiences.

ManageSource Research
Equity research and analysis firm providing research solutions for valuation, forecasting, product pricing and financial modeling.

MeansBusiness - Business Knowledge Resource
Knowledge service that aggregates, organizes, and manages the business concepts and ideas found in recently written business books.

Offers strategic research consultancy specialising in bespoke strategic research project work.

Motion Tech Trends
Consultants to the electric motor and motion control industries

Nectarine Competitive Intelligence
Providing their clients with the tools, skills and information to achieve commercial success while managing business risk. Consultancy, strategy system software, industry databases, market research and recruiting services. Based in the UK.

Competitive business intelligence service that offers online, real-time access to competitive information.

NetSearch Solutions
Competitive intelligence specialists offering screened data collection.

Omni Research and Training
An applied social science research company based in Denver, Colorado.

Organic Monitor
Organic Monitor is a marketing and information services company that specialises on the international organic food industry. Services include Marketing Consultancy, Market Research - Customised & Syndicated Reports.

Peacock Research, Inc.
Performing survey and media research.

Total Listings:  102     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 >>

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