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Research Services

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Strategy and Tactics
A small research company working throughout South and southern Africa. Their web site provides extensive information on the company, services and projects, and newsletters.

Thapar Centre For Industrial Research & Development
A non-profit, privately managed, contract research and consulting organization in India. The Centre is a recognized Scientific and Industrial Research Organization by the Government of India.

The Performance Measurement Group
Providing on-line benchmarking studies specializing in product development and supply chain management for high tech industries.

The Consus Group
Analyzing contracts, industries, and companies to provide intelligence to the business and legal communities.

Up To i.t.
Research, analysis and interpretation of information about Italy, especially for an English-speaking clientele. Located in northeastern Italy.

Vinson & Dimitrius
A jury consulting and graphics firm.

Virtual Asia
Provider of high-grade commercial intelligence and business research to major corporations and governments.

Vision Twenty One
A research company established to give a voice to the socially excluded, specialising in community consultation and market research.

Whitehall Consultants Ltd.
Quality Business Credit Reports and Country Risk Reports. Order online.

Working Council for Chief Financial Officers
Services for managing finance departments, customized research projects, annual networking retreats, CPE credits and instant communication with finance specialists.

Writer's Information Source
A personal research assistance service aimed to save its customers' time and resources by providing a personalized information research aid at an affordable rate.

Yankee Group
Research and consulting services, focusing on the Internet, technology, and enterprise applications.

Total Listings:  102     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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