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Brandon Luhring
Examples of graphic design, web design and authoring, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and other fine art, as well as r?sum?, essays, and contact information.

Lee Black's portfolio site. Works include web, illustration, and traditional.

Heng-Chai Lim
Sydney-based graphic designer working in print and web. Also consults on technology, media and marketing. A portfolio and resume are included. [Requires Flash]

Lakshmi Narayan
A Seattle-based graphic and web designer.

Laury Wolfe
The Wolfe Pack, Inc. specializes in advertising and graphic design on project basis.

Lenyr Y. Munoz
Personal and promotional web site includes traditional, digital, and web design.

Les Clay
A gallery of graphic work, featuring Web graphics, photo art and other designs, incorporating a variety of naturalistic, fantastic, surreal and amusing subject matter.

Lisa Bagley
Portfolio includes web site design, graphics, print graphics, digital and 35 mm photography.

Lisa Parrott
Self-taught art and graphic design.

Lone Star Posse Interactive
Graphic and web design firm familiar with brochure design, computer graphics and Flash.

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