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    Harrishynd Product Designers
    An industrial design consultancy with specific expertise in the design and implementation of multimedia devices, kiosks and instrumentation, including proof of concept, technology integration and prototyping.

    Industrial Model And Design
    Specializing in the toy industry. Services include model making, sculpting, RTV silicon casts and rapid prototyping.

    JEDCo Design
    Team of industrial designers and product engineers with a wide range of services.

    Jupille Design Inc.
    Industrial design, engineering and product development consulting firm serving the computer/electronics, medical, consumer and industrial markets.

    KDA Industrial Design Consultants
    Specializes in new product development, cost reduction, patent circumvention, human factors and ergonomics.

    Lamoreaux, McLendon & Associates, Inc.
    International engineering consulting firm, specializing in transportation, primarily light rail and people movers.

    Lathrop Engineering
    Industrial design firm working in the computer, consumer, commercial and medical fields.

    Offering concept design, physical prototyping and reverse engineering.

    Product development firm in Asia specializing in industrial design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing.

    Montgomery Design
    Industrial design and product development firm with a background in equipment and appliance and vehicle design.

    Off-Site Design
    Mechanical and electrical equipment design and documentation company using 2D and 3D CAD programs.

    Prime Studio
    Design consultancy based in New York City providing industrial design and related services.

    1Quest Design
    Audio and multi-media products, interior design, furniture and interactive exhibitions.

    Rand I.D.
    Design for a broad range of industries including consumer goods and industrial products.

    Ratio DesignLab
    High technology design consulting group for embedded systems and medical products.

    Serket Design Group
    Solving complex design/engineering problems for designers, engineers, architects, scientists and inventors.

    Sowden Industrial Design
    Specializes in the design and engineering of consumer and professional electronics. Headquartered in Italy, also has an office in in San Francisco.

    Stuart Karten Design
    Multi-disciplinary industrial design consulting firm with work ranging from computer and desk accessories to medical instrumentation, from children's toys to transportation design.

    A product innovation company providing research, industrial design, engineering, models and prototypes, strategic alliance development, and interaction design.

    Total Listings:  43     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 >>

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