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Product Design

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    Designer of park benches, waste containers, bicycle stands and other products.

    A.C. di Amati Carlo
    Specializing in home appliance design: aesthetic design, complete systems (cookers, ovens, burners), components, structural and thermal analisys, combustion testing.

    Acorn Product Development
    Extensive experience in all stages of product design with specialties in the field of high volume electronics products.

    Allied Works - Digital Solutions,Mechanical,Industrial and Electronic Design, High-End PC enclosures
    Serbia based consulting firm specializing in the design of products such as high-end PC enclosures, abinets, high-end audio equipment, furniture, etc.

    Altitude Product Design and Development
    Somerville, Massachusetts based product design and consulting firm with a strategic aptitude for developing award-winning 'high-touch' products. Services include strategic planning, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing consultation.

    Houston, Texas based designer focusing on product design, illustration, and other creative services.

    North Carolina design firm working with clients in markets such as computer, sports, consumer, medical, & industrial products.

    Axis Group International Inc.
    A rather longish slideshow of various products the company has designed.

    Product design and development of electronics, furniture, and sports equipment.

    Big Design, Inc.
    A product design company that can do the design phase, preliminary research, and the production phase of design projects.

    Boym Design Studio
    Gifts and home product design. Features portfolio and contacts.

    Bresslergroup Product Development
    Product design and engineering firm with over 30 years of experience, including user research and applying industrial design and engineering skills to create products.

    Brooks Stevens Design
    Strategic product development from one of the most experienced product development firms in the United States.

    Cesaroni Design Associates, Inc.
    Product and industrial design, development, and consulting. Includes case studies and services.

    Concept Design Engineering
    Providing clients with product development services from concept through design, engineering and prototype manufacture.

    Develops innovative products for industry in a wide range of markets and technologies, both in graphic and product design.

    Creative Design Network, Inc.
    Wisconsin based product design and development company offering services in all aspects of the design process, including conceptual development, engineering, prototypes, and production/tooling coordination.

    Dan Taylor and Company
    Toronto industrial and product design firm providing comprehensive services.

    DCA Design International
    British based design firm offering product design solutions from initial concepting through engineering, prototyping, and production.

    Design Concepts, Inc.
    Product design firm offering industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering and prototyping services.

    Total Listings:  82     Add Your ListingPages: 1 2 3 4 5 >>

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