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    Design Neuron
    Product design and mechanical engineering design, specializing in electronic, and hi-end speaker development.

    Ottawa based product design firm serving the high-tech, medical and retail markets. Includes services, history, and contacts.

    Product design, mechanical design and production planning.

    E-M Designs
    California based product design firm offering mechanical engineering, industrial design, and electrical engineering. Portfolio includes products for the consumer, industrial, medical and laboratory markets.

    Epoch Product Design
    Providing a lifetime of design and fabrication experience combined with over eleven years of professional experience in the field.

    Fitch Inc.
    Primary product design foci are hardware and medical products.

    Grotell Design, Inc.
    Provides dedicated design, marketing and product development services to the fine watch, jewelry and time piece industries.

    Group Four Design
    Varied portfolio of work spanning industries such as housewares, hardware, industrial tools, medical, and office products.

    Happy Design Gallery
    Italy-based full-service product development office. Happy Design Gallery specializes in design and product planning.

    Product designers of anything from camping equipment to blood transfusion units and makeup applicators.

    Hyphen Design
    Hyphen Design (London) specializes in the design and development of highly innovative and functional products in areas including sports, commercial and consumer goods.

    ICO Products LLC
    A product design, prototyping and manufacturing company.

    Product design and development firm specializing in industrial, graphic, mechanical design engineering, prototyping, and strategic product planning.

    Index Industrial Design and Development Inc.
    Garrison, New York based product design firm with over 15 years of experience in product design, from concept to production.

    Industrial Design Consultants
    Bangalore, India based design firm focusing on product development and package design.

    Insight Product Development L.L.C.
    Product-development consulting firm offering user research, design, engineering, and prototyping.

    Integen, Inc.
    Full service product design and engineering development firm.

    Johannes Gaston Design, Inc.
    'A full-service product design firm taking projects from concept through production.'

    JPH Industrial Design
    Illinois based design firm specializing in the design of consumer electronics products. Services include 3-dimmensional computer design and photo-realistic computer renderings.

    Kendall, DeWitt
    Product designer with experience in architecture and graphic design. Biographical information, professional credits, portfolio.

    Total Listings:  82     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 >>

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