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Product Design

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    Multi-disciplinary professional studio dedicated to toy invention & licensing, structural packaging and design, and environmental illustration.

    King-Miranda Associati
    Specialists in the design of innovative products, services and interiors.

    Koen & Co [strategic innovations]
    Netherlands based firm that develops new product ideas for businesses that deliver their products and/or services to the consumer market: B2C.

    Lefler, Terry
    Product design with an emphasis in electronics.

    Leisure Incorporated
    A product development company providing industrial design, product design and prototyping.

    Lewis Associates
    Leicester, UK based design firm focused on providing creative, commercial design solutions for manufacturing and marketing organisations.

    Line.h ltd.
    Line.h is a UK based design firm focuing on product design and graphic design.

    Logic Product Development
    A Minnesota-based industrial design and product development company.

    LORE Product Design and Engineering
    Ontario based provider of product development and engineering design solutions. Lore's services include industrial design and mechanical engineering, R&D, prototypes, and CAD/CAE.

    Lunar Design
    Focus is on consumer goods, technology products and medical equipment.

    Lyle Lambur Toy Design
    Experienced designer. General information, portfolio and resume.

    Industrial design and plastic part engineering: medical devices, computer equipment, consumer electronics, personal care products, tools, recreational vehicle bodies and accessories.

    MASS Engineered Design Inc.
    Full-service product development company employing various disciplines including industrial design, mechanical engineering, and rapid prototyping.

    Maya Design Group
    A product-design and development consultancy company that specializes in taming the complexity of technology.

    MOTO Development Group
    Developing products for a large range of industries including computer, consumer electronics, medical, food service, laboratory and industrial.

    Mount Vernon Design
    Disciplines include molded plastic parts, sheet metal chassis and enclosures, and circuit boards.

    2N2 Product Development
    Redondo Beach, California based company that specializes in plastic part design and development for injection molding and blow molding. Focus areas include housewares, electronics, medical, novelty, and commercial industries.

    No Picnic Industrial Designers
    Stockholm, Sweden based industrial design firm offering a variety of product development services.

    Not Me 2 Devices
    New York based product development firm specializing in products for automotive and aeronautical applications.

    International product definition, design, development and production firm. Includes services, approach, and contacts.

    Total Listings:  82     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 >>

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