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Product Design

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    PDS Development, Inc.
    Texas firm providing project development services including industrial design, mechanical design, prototyping, tooling, and project management.

    Plastic Buddha Design Inc.
    Canadian design firm founded in 1998 that designs, manufactures and exports products for the physical landscape as well as doing contract design work.

    Product Creation Studio
    A solution-oriented product development firm devoted to the creation of quality-engineered products for consumer and industrial markets.

    Product Insight,Inc.
    Massachusetts based product design firm providing services to manufacturers in a range of industries, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

    Raffo Design
    Product design consultancy, developing consumer, industrial and medical products for world-wide markets. Based in the UK.

    Rand i.d.
    Design for a broad range of industries including consumer goods and industrial products.

    Renquist Associates
    Human factors engineering and vehicle, medical product, appliances and lighting design.

    Richman Design
    Handmade acrylic furniture, sculpture, podia and custom awards.

    RKS Design, Inc.
    A company whose services span the entire product development process, from initial concept generation through finished production.

    Schneor Design
    Israel-based industrial design studio offering product design and computer imaging.

    Slingshot Product Development Group
    Atlanta based design firm that partners with start-ups and inventors. Established companies also hire Slingshot to develop breakthrough products.

    SoMA Inc.
    Portland, Oregon based product design firm offering a wide range of product development services. The site includes short descriptions of previous client projects in consumer, industrial and medical product design.

    Speck Product Design
    Product design and development firm for the mobile electronics, consumer electronics, medical, sporting goods and furniture industries.

    Spring Design Network
    A group of industrial designers which offers a full range of product design and engineering services.

    Developing complete products as well as client-specified product components in a diverse range of areas.

    Studio Korjan
    Industrial design studio in Ahmedabad, India, dedicated to product design and development.

    Synectic Engineering, Inc.
    Medical product development, engineering, industrial design, device prototyping, pre-clinical and in vivo testing.

    Talesfore, Nick
    Product design with primary concentrations in electronic and medical items.

    TEAMS Design
    Industrial design consultants with product development services to reduce production costs and increase product sales. 100+ product photos. Offices in Chicago and Germany.

    Toy Arts
    Resource maintained by designer Mike Dox. Manufacturer listings and message board, in addition to his own portfolio and resume.

    Total Listings:  82     Add Your ListingPages: << 1 2 3 4 5 >>

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