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Convention and Trade Show Services

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    Partner Marketing Works International, Inc.
    A turnkey provider of exclusive multi-faceted marketing tours.

    PCP Conference Production and Technical Support
    Provides a range of conference services, from complete event production to the supply of equipment and crew. Operates internationally from the UK.

    P.E. Poitras Exhibition Services
    Quebec based exhibition products and services supplier to trade shows, conferences, assemblies, conventions and special events.

    Peter Moore
    A London toastmaster and experienced Master of Ceremonies.

    Trade show and events web and on-site registration, data management and lead retrieval.

    Partners with meeting planners to bring conferences and events to people who cannot physically attend via video streaming, web collaboration services and communication tools to conference participants.

    Print Service Group
    Serves trade show and convention printing and publication needs in major U.S. convention cities and selected cities worldwide.

    The first to the button quiz system for rent to conferences and give an extra dimension to conference quizzes.

    San Diego convention services planning, catering and equipment rentals.

    Raskin Taylor
    Producers of meetings, multi-media, cd-rom, marketing, staging and audiovisuals.

    Roques & Associates, Inc.
    Provides sound, lighting, video, sets and staging for corporate or private events.

    RTx, Inc.
    International special event production and design services.

    Sandeye, Ltd.
    Conference messaging and information service that enables attendees to have access to information about the conference and communicate with other people both at the conference and via the Internet.

    SER Exposition Services
    Exposition service contractor offering complete trade show and convention management in the Northeastern US.

    Show Promotions and Personnel, Inc.
    Designs, staffs and manages sales and marketing programs at airports, in-store promotions and trade shows.

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