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Alerts vendors when government organizations are going to make purchases and acts as an agent to find, monitor, manage, and request notices for products and services across thousands of Web sites.

Breen and Associates
A government contracting sales consultant with experience in the manufacturing, consulting, service, and retail sectors.

Callaway & Associates, Claims Consultants
We prepare claims for and provide assistance to Contractors and Attorneys doing business on Federal, State, City, County and Industrial Projects.

Calyptus Consulting Group, Inc.
Offers consulting, training and e-business solutions to private sector companies working with the government.

Contract Consulting Servicing
Consulting to small businesses to get Government and Commercial Buying Group contracts and agreements.

Contract Recovery Associates, LLC.
A Government Contract consultant group that works with Prime and Subcontractors specializing in Claims, Proposal Development, Contract Administration, Marketing Strategies, Bid Protests, Import/Export Regulations.

Contracts Unlimited
Provides support to organizations soliciting government contracts. Services include developing cost proposals and contracts, contract administration, management reporting, and contract completion.

Covenant Contract Management Service
Assists business entities of any size in initiating and managing government sales.

Criterion Management Consulting
Provides acquisition analysis and program management consulting services to The United States Department of Defense (DoD) and its contractors.

Provides a software and application services platform that creates, completes and distributes government, court, commercial and non-profit documents.

Electronic Commerce Associates
Provides strategic, operational planning and disaster recovery for commercial and government projects in crisis.

E&Y Government Contract Services
Provides advisory services for contract administration.

Assists companies in obtaining GSA federal supply schedules.

Government Contract Services, Inc.
Helps small businesses sell to the government by providing customized bid development programs and training.

Hudson Associates Consulting, Inc.
Provides consulting and training services. Specializes in strategic planning, performance metrics, balanced scorecard and also reengineering and knowledge management certification programs.

Land Stewardship Consulting, Inc.
Provides services related to land management planning, weed management and baseline documentation in Colorado.

Navigator Development Group, Inc.
Consulting firm offering Leadership Management, Strategic Planning, Military Operations, Systems Acquisition,and War Game Development and Execution.

PROMAX Consulting Service
Provides MOBIS SIN 874-1 thru 6 services including consulting, facilitation, training, A-76, privatization and operational management systems as well as ISO 9001:2000, action workout, and strategic planning.

Proposal Solutions, Inc.
Provides GSA Schedule services, including development and submission of offers, contract negotiation, post-award support, contract maintenance, and Schedule modifications.

R & D Business Solutions, LLC
Provides consulting services to emergent technology industries in project planning, business plan development, grant locating and proposal development, development of funding strategies and grant management.

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