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Contractors World Wide
A very comprehensive list of categories of contracting and contractors

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA)
The leading private sector provider of detention and corrections services to federal, state and local governments.

Grant Thornton
Vast information resource for government contractors

Mainthia Technologies, Inc.
Effective Management and Technology Integration

Office of Small Disadvantaged Utilization
Thorough list of sub-contractors with the SBA

Turrow / McParlane Associates, Inc.
TMA, Inc facilitates revenue enhancement for government entities through tax discovery and related operations.

VSE Corporation
Provides diversified engineering, development, testing, and management services, principally to agencies of the U.S. government and to other prime contractors. (Nasdaq: VSEC).

Winning Proposals for Government Contractors
'Ten Guidelines for Writing Government Contracts' to win proposals. Resource for contractors doing business with the government and businesses seeking revenue growth.

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