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Data Management

  • Data Entry

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    Arizona Disk Storage
    Document to CD scanning. Based in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Axion Data Entry Services
    Expert data-entry services to free up your facilities and eliminate the administrative burden of hiring, supervising, and paying data-entry workers. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    BPS Reprographic Services
    Document management imaging and distribution.

    Cad-Capture Data Entry Bureau
    Scanning and CAD-conversion forms processing and data-entry bureau. Based in the United Kingdom.

    Commercial Data Processing
    Data capture, entry, and document imaging, saving you time and money. Based in Fairfield, New Jersey.

    Computer Systems Associates
    A data processing and mailing service provider. Services includes mainframe tape conversions, color laser printing, merge purge and file cleanup.

    Dale's Data Management Services
    Specializing in scientific data management. Services include: data entry, database design, graphical presentation, statistical analysis and tabulated data summaries.

    Data Solution, Ltd.
    Data entry, data conversion, OCR technology, facilities management, database development and management.

    Online data-entry services; data processing to help you deploy your database-driven website within days. Based in Austin, Texas, with a data-processing center in Bombay, India.

    DCS: Document Conversion Specialists
    Converts paper documents to electronic files and writes those files onto CDs. Based in Mission Viejo, California.

    Document Scanning Systems
    Complete document imaging and archive solutions company, providing scanning services and sales of complete inhouse document management systems.

    Donar Enterprises, Inc.
    Converts and transmits documents to the SEC EDGAR Filing System.

    ED: ?lan Datamakers
    Data-entry services. Offices in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.

    Edison Technologies
    Data processing, electronic billing, EDI mapping, accounts receivables, and data entry.

    Equant N.V
    Provide data and IP services to corporations globally. Features products and services, corporate history, investor and financial data, and careers. (NYSE: ENT) and (Paris Bourse: EQU).

    Eyered Infotech
    Provides high quality and economical services and solutions in the field of web development, software development, medical transcription, recruiting and data processing.

    File-X Document Imaging Service
    Gain rapid access to your documents, files, and key information at the office, on the road, or at home, via CD-ROM, your intranet, or the World Wide Web.

    Forms Processing, Inc.
    Data entry, data processing, document form design, document preparation, electronic recognition: OCR and ICR processing, image keying and capturing, computer output to laser disk, document management, warehouse, retrieval, and workflow management. Based in Miami, Florida.

    Goldsun Microsystems Pvt Ltd
    Document and data transformation service for small and medium enterprizes.

    Ideal Data, Inc.
    Data-processing services, including both English and Spanish data collection. Based in North Arlington, New Jersey.

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